Welcome to Hillcrest Restaurant 

Since first opening Hillcrest Restaurant has stood the test of time. Bringing its finesse to what is known today as farm to table eating. Hillcrest Restaurant makes use of the freshest ingredients, with their eclectic Mediterranean and Tuscan eats a there is no guessing why the Restaurant at Hillcrest has been a major attraction to the Hillcrest Estate. 

Taken over in early 2018, the Restaurant closed for the month of March 2018 to renovate and relaunched in April 2018. Since then upgrading regularly to accommodate to all clientele. The Restaurant has brought forth the homey, farm-style feel with modern yet rustic charm. Outside, a beautiful wooden deck which is host to live entertainment, as well as stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Robben Island. Whilst surrounded by luscious vineyards and hills.

The Hillcrest Restaurant is located on the Hillcrest Wine and Olive Estate, on the M13 route between The N7 and Durbanville. 

Extend an Olive Branch

Hillcrest Restaurant adheres to Covid-19 Regulations

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