About the Restaurant

The Restaurant at Hillcrest is home to a Tuscan and Mediterranean seasonal menu, farm to table freshness prepared to order. The restaurant is host to live music entertainment as we as spectacular views of Robben Island and the Atlantic Ocean. the Outside deck brings a more family orientated and is host to the live music acts, down below is the Beer Garden, providing clients with a quick stop off point, for a beer and pizza perhaps after tackling the farm’s mountain biking route. Inside bring a more formal feeling, perfect for mid-week business meetings or small conferences.  Inside the Restaurant, you are able to reach the Cellar Door, where you can buy any of the farms Boutique style wines and even Calamata Olives.

Hillcrest Restaurant is open Sunday - Thursday from 9am - 4pm and Friday - Saturday until 10pm.

The Havoc Brewery and Beer Garden:

Havoc Brewery is located on the prestigious Hillcrest Farm, located in Durbanville, Cape Town. Havoc Brewery is a micro-brewery specialising is craft beer. Havoc boasts it’s flavoured on traditional beer recipes with a twist, never compromising quality or taste. Havoc Brew is one of the finest locally-brewed craft beers available in Cape Town.

Havoc Brew Beer Garden is located on the Hillcrest farm in front of the restaurant. The Beer Garden serves a variety of Craft Beers and even Kegged Gin based Cocktails for the warm summer days.

The Brews:

African Red Ale:


Honey Ale:

Grapefruit Ruby Shandy:

Brew of the month:

About the Farm

At the Hillcrest Restaurant, you will be able to visit the Hillcrest Cellar door for wine and olive tastings. Why not enjoy lunch at the Havoc Brew Beer Garden, where you will be able to sit for a beer tasting of the Farm Brewed Craft. As well as delicious handmade wood-fired pizza.

Downstairs is home to The Quarry, which is host to many live music acts such as the Prime Circle Rockfest, Sonskynfees and many more. In The Quarry, one can picnic with the family, as well as go fishing in a private dam.

Why not take a ride on the Farms private bicycle trail? Zigzagging between the trees and downhills suitable for the beginner to intermediate cycling hobbyist.